Data Visualization

Done after extensive discovery sessions with individual stakeholders the visualization gives a pictorial representation of relationships among the represented data. The visualizations are defined by the profile and the functions of each stakeholder as required by them.

Data Analytics

Defines the different forms and modes on how insights can be derived from data. We have expertise in real-time to batch analytics and to deliver descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Data Warehouse

Defined based on client KPI’s and our expertise is on defining the same with either Cube based and Cube-Less architecture. The decision on which architecture to be chosen is based on the current requirements, how dynamic the reporting has to be and the future roadmap from analytics perspective. Aligning the analytics roadmap to the cost that can be incurred in future is a major factor for us to define the warehouse architecture.

Data Lake

We create a centralized repository of structured and unstructured data of different data types from heterogeneous data sources. This helps businesses in collating the data from multiple divisions and services and start building a comprehensive repository which forms as the foundation to build an agile and flexible businesses intelligence platform.