Cloud Migration and Transformation

        How about large-scale migrations with 90% automation of the associated tasks.

        Amvion T-Ops migration orchestration platform enable secure and compliant cloud migrations on to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platform. Migration strategies like rehosting (lift & shift), re-platforming or refactoring can be achieved seamlessly.

With Amvion T-Ops End to End cloud migration is automated through all these stages

Service Highlights

  • Migration services on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platforms
  • Migration services with automation across network, infra, security, OS, App and Data layers
  • Detailed automated reports on migration performance metrics and migrated resources
  • In built governance for handshaking and approvals with Amvion T-Ops orchestration platform
  • Enterprise grade security and compliance controls with Amvion T-Ops Orchestration platform.
  • Scheduled health checks post migration
  • Performance testing of applications post migration

Cloud Operations and Management

        Amvion T-Ops managed cloud services ensures that cloud expenses are significantly reduced Amvion T-Ops managed cloud services ensures that cloud expenses are significantly reduced in excess of 35% by automating and optimizing cloud usage across the organization. Our services ensure Agility, Cost Savings, Visibility and Stability across the cloud instances and platforms. All the services are delivered with Amvion T-Ops orchestration and management platform focus on the following 5 domains:

Cloud Allocation: With Amvion T-Ops managed services, we ensure that the allocation and deallocation are streamlined and complying to the organization’s guidelines.

Cloud Management: A unified management service of multi-cloud environment with Amvion T-Ops cloud orchestration and management platform.

Cloud Cost Optimization: We ensure that costs are reduced in excess of 35%.

Application Monitoring and Management: We provide sophisticated application services monitoring along with unified cloud metrics and application log monitoring.

Incident Prediction and Management: Proactive management services with AIOps based incident predictions, root Cause Analysis and remediation.

Cloud Security and Compliance

        With Amvion T-Ops managed cloud security and compliance services we enable security and compliance at infra, network, operating system, application, and data-level without need to modify the current or planned deployment models and frameworks. We continuously monitor the cloud infrastructure for drift in security and compliance controls and also alerts and/or remediates as required.

        Without the box base templates for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, NIST, and other industry standards we ensure that organizations are up and running quickly.

Ours is a 4-phase approach:

We ensure Proactive security through every stage

Security Testing

  • Operating system scans
  • Vulnerability scans
  • Dependency checks
  • Web server testing
  • Static Analysis
  • Dynamic analysis

Security Policies

  • Cross-functional collaboration and buy-into confirm security considerations are integrated into the entire product development lifecycle.

Secrets Management

  • Inventory privileged accounts and access
  • Integration into existing development tools
  • Visibility into the pipeline

Security Control

  • Antivirus
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Firewall configuration monitoring
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Log monitoring