Jayaram Shivan

Jayaram.S, a Computer Science engineering graduate, started his career in Gemini Communication Ltd., in early 2002, where he worked for 15 years. Jayaram started his career as a Technology Sales person and was Regional Head of Karnataka & Kerala when he left Gemini. During the long stint, Jayaram has acquired varied experiences in vital business areas that had built an entrepreneurship trait in him. Having built deep business relationship, Jayaram founded Amvion Labs Pvt Ltd., in 2016.

  Jayaram manages technology solutioning for  large customers including banks, and provides solutions in Data networking, Compute and storage, virtualization, mobility technologies, Application Performance, DevOps & Cloud Management. Jayaram has tasked himself to work on the ever-dynamic technology changes, offering businesses a transformational opportunity to further digitise & automate.

    Through Amvion, Jayaram has a vision to create an organisation of depth & efficiency through exceptionally skilled, technologically dynamic team, for whom Amvion would offer a social status of appreciation & repute.