Brand Monitoring Services

Negative News

Negative news monitoring is a method of detecting and avoiding negative information that could harm your business or reputation in all internet forums.

Data Breach

Data breach monitoring is a service that could help you protect your brand from the negative consequences of data breaches.

Data breach monitoring helps,

Early Warning: It can tell you if your data is leaked on the secretive part of the internet where cybercriminals operate.

Detecting the Problem: It helps you find out where and how the data leak happened and tells you what to do to fix it.

Protecting Your Image: It keeps an eye on your online reputation and helps you talk to your customers and partners when there's a data problem.

Dark Web

Dark web monitoring is a service that shields your brand from the secret and unlawful actions happening on the hidden part of the internet.

Dark web monitoring helps,

Alerts for Brand Safety: It checks the dark web for any signs of your brand's name, logo, products, or website addresses and tells you if it finds them.

Investigation and Action: It helps figure out where and what's happening with your brand on the dark web and gives you proof and insights to deal with it.

Protecting Your Brand: It assists in stopping or lessening the harm caused by dark web activities, like data breaches, scams, or harm to your reputation.