Descriptive Analytics for NBFC

Descriptive Analytical Reporting for Non-Banking Financial Company 

A reputed NBFC in India approached Amvion to improve the accuracy of daily, monthly and yearly reporting by implementing SaaS solutions on the AWS cloud platform.

Challenges Faced by Client

  • The client was using a legacy MIS system i.e MS-Excel to store the data
  • The data was increasing uncontrollably and involved huge manual effort 
  • Manual input of data was time-consuming. Additionally, the human intervention resulted in errors in data. 
  • The client had restrictions to access or share the database on the MIS system
  • The client was lacking a technology-driven process to generate reports

How was the reporting model developed?

Consultants at Amvion discussed with the client to understand the business and data structure. The client wanted the ability to share their data from a centralized location and generate reports without direct access to the data.

  • Our data analysts designed the right solution to overcome the above-mentioned challenges. The following solutions were proposed and implemented to fulfil the client’s requirement.
  • Data is migrated from the MIS system to cloud and sorted using data aggregation tools to make the data sets more manageable
  • Once the data is stored, transformed and analyzed – our data analysts placed critical metrics side by side to inform the next steps to the client
  • Implemented SaaS solution on AWS platform to ensure that data can be shared from a centralized location
  • A dedicated S3 account was created to use as Data Lake
  • EC2 instance was used to automatically process the shared data and generate reports after cleansing the data
  • We used QuickSight to transform the data reports into interactive visuals - dashboards, custom reports and infographics. The visuals can be easily automated and shared with others. 

Architecture Diagram 

Business Values

  • Authentic accuracy of data
  • The centralized data can be accessed by a single person
  • Single dashboard to visualize and review the data
  • Better data insights and visual representation
  • Make better business decisions by filtering the data
  • Data represented in interactive dashboards is easy to understand

About Amvion

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