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Amvion Labs is a DevOps Consulting Company in India offering end-to-end DevOps services. Our DevOps expertise combined with state-of-art tools will remove silos, streamline software development and improve quality of work. Our in-house team of DevOps professionals have in-depth knowledge of DevOps framework and have successfully delivered reliable applications.

We provide DevOps services encompassing capabilities such as - Micro-Services architecture consulting & services, Containerization, Testing Automation (Security, Functional & Regression), deployment, monitoring and Logging.

Advance your DevOps and continuous delivery capabilities for increased productivity and efficiency. Our architects assess your existing DevOps practices, audit the existing infrastructure and development pipeline and strengthen it by orchestrating a customized plan.

We work across the entire spectrum of DevOps and enable organizations to seamlessly blend IT security controls with DevOps operations practice.

Enhance your technology stack with
microservices architecture

Amvion has been helping enterprises with microservices architecture development and modernize their IT legacy systems with agile, secure and independent applications. Our experts have great expertise in microservices architecture and facilitate enterprise solutions in a flexible way.

With our microservices architecture consulting services, we build applications faster and enable quick repairs and updates with minimum or no downtime. We build applications by leveraging DevOps methodologies using state-of-art tools and technologies.


DevOps Consulting Services

With robust DevOps services, we help businesses establish a quick software delivery cycle by bringing together people and technology. We deliver software faster – no matter how complex the project is. Our key services include -

App Modernization

Accelerate your application modernization journey by streamlining the code-change lifecycle. We help you perform continuous delivery, fully automated release and reduce cloud cost by 30% with our DevOps services.

Monitor & Logging

Our experts provide 24 X 7 monitoring services to watch potential errors and report them in a timely manner. Our DevOps Monitoring Solutions are powered by Mining and Log Analytics with AI and Deep learning.

Compliance Testing and Reporting

Our compliance testing services eliminates ambiguities in the system and makes the applications more reliable and relevant. We assist you in your quest to create the best application

DevOps as a Service

We deliver DevSecOps-as-a-Service with Kaiburr AllOps so that your developers and teams can focus on core software design and development while all other aspects of CI-CD, security, integrations, provisioning, metrics, monitoring are taken care of by us in a self-service model.

Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD)

We facilitate enterprise-wide adoption and offers end-to-end automation – allowing the teams to work simultaneously and eliminate time-consuming manual-merges. We enhance the delivery capabilities and eliminate risks involved in delivering the application.


Increased DevOps adoption is pushing several organizations to look at ‘Microservices Architecture’ for quality enhancement and faster software releases. Container orchestration is a proven method of applying containers – especially for scheduling, load balancing and related tasks.

Application vulnerability and penetration testing & reporting

Amvion’s application vulnerability and penetration testing services ensure your application risks are minimized. Our software testers are skilled enough to protect your application from unintended penetration, data leakage and security violation.

Testing Automation

We help you achieve fast and continuous development & deployment of critical cloud-native applications with our test automation services. Implement the best DevOps automation practices and methodologies to increase operational efficiency by 95% and reduce human intervention by 30%. Amvion’s test automation services include -

Security Testing

Security testing to uncover vulnerabilities in the application in real-time and improve security of the end product.

Functional Testing

Functional testing to prioritize test cases with critical functionality and ensure each component operates in conformance with requirement specifications.

Regression Testing

Regression testing to ensure the older programming and features work even after the new change has been made to the code.

At Amvion labs, we use customized Kaiburr AllOps framework and DevOps tools to bridge the gap between QA, IT Operations and Development teams – thereby enhancing operational efficiency, while reducing time, effort and cost.

If you want to hire a company that offers DevOps-as-a-service or looking for a DevOps consulting company, get in touch with us today!

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