External Threat Prevention

Monitors, recognises and minimises online risks to safeguard organisations' digital assets.

External Threat Prevention is the process of identifying, preventing and responding to external security risks.

Surface Area

Surface area monitoring is a method of checking your internet presence and identifying any errors or vulnerabilities that hackers could attack.

Surface area monitoring assists you in discovering and scanning all of your digital assets, including websites, domains, cloud storage and more.

Surface area monitoring also aids in the prevention and detection of common cyberattacks such as malware, phishing and ransomware through the use of various cybersecurity tools and services.

URLs/IPs Vulnerability

URL/IP Vulnerability Monitoring is a method of analysing your web apps and servers for security faults or hazards that hackers could exploit.

URL/IP Vulnerability Monitoring assists you in identifying and preventing OWASP vulnerabilities, which are the most common and serious web application security risks.

Vulnerability monitoring for URLs and IPs also assists you in protecting your online applications and servers from external threats such as denial-of-service, brute force, or phishing by utilising various cybersecurity tools and services.


DF24 monitors important servers in real-time for unauthorised alterations or defacements.

DF24 generates alerts and reports to notify security teams, enabling a quicker reaction to investigate and mitigate any security concerns.

Fake mobile app

It is a way of checking and stopping fake apps that can harm your phone or your data.

Identify Fake Apps: Fake mobile app monitoring keeps an eye on app stores to find fake apps that may look real but actually do harmful things.

Spot Scam Sites: It also looks out for websites that try to trick you into downloading fake apps or giving away your personal information.

Remove and Prevent: If it finds fake apps or scam sites, it works to remove them from app stores and the internet. It also tries to stop them from coming back to protect your phone and data.