Ram Kumar

R.Ram Kumar,   a first generation entrepreneur, started his career with manufacturing of computer monitors, immediately after his Engineering graduation in early 1991. He also co-founded his second organization in the business of Computer Networking and Telecom Services.

Ram Kumar co-founded a series of technology product companies in the areas of RFID, Data Storage and Broadband Wireless.

He has now incubated Amvion Labs Pvt Ltd., which is in areas of IT Security Services, Cloud Management, Automation Services, Business Intelligence & Digital Marketing.

He has been associated with various industry associations and also is actively involved in advisory boards of educational institutions. He was honored for his entrepreneurial spirit with the 2007 Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering Entrepreneur of the Year award.  He spends significant time in the service for society and takes time-off for his spiritual pursuits.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a Post Graduate degree in Marketing Management.

Ram Kumar is adept in areas of Network Security, Data Networking, Cloud Management and Data Analytics. He is also a keen observer in the development of new technologies and does evangelise in usage of IoT, Machine Learning, Robotics Process Automation to his associates & customers.