Cloud Operations

Holistic view of cloud operations. Single unified software to perform all Cloud MSP activities from service catalog, on demand provisioning of servers and full application stacks, cost management, security, compliance to monitoring.

Common Cloud Operations Challenges

How do I reduce my cloud bills?

Allops helps to optimize cloud usage across the organization. Cloud resources are utilized only on a need basis. Organizations save 30% or more on cloud costs using Allops.

Can I operate at a high degree of agility on the cloud?

Business and technology teams can have cloud resources provisioned in minutes using Allops. New application environments
(like Dev, QA, UAT, Staging, Demo) can be spun up in 2-5 minutes.

Can I track my organization’s overall performance on the cloud?

Executives and senior leaders can track their key business metrics and KPIs like uptime, delays,
error rate in real time using Allops’s dashboard.

Can I be proactive with issue identification and resolution on the cloud?

How do I operate at stringent SLAs for my business applications?

Allops can help monitor business applications in real time for key SLAs and help identify/address the issues in minutes.

How do I get current state of my cloud operations?

Allops helps tie operational, security and compliance controls to business application performance and overall organization level KPIs.
This enables business and technology leaders to always have visibility into current state of the operations.

Can I continuously improve my overall cloud maturity?

Organizations can continuously automate and scale their cloud operations to enable high degree of agility and
continuity to business operations using Allops.

Can I setup and monitor operational controls seamlessly?

How do I keep my cloud environment secure and compliant?


Cost Savings

Use of resources on a need basis Efficiency gains on operations



Spin up new environments on demand Expedited RCA



Track metrics and KPIs in realtime Visibility into all IT changes Operational, Security and Compliance controls



80% reduction in manual errors Automation across info, network, security and app layers