Welcome to the Future of IT Asset Management with SAMPAT

Discover seamless asset management

—  Step into the realm of SAMPAT, an extraordinary creation by Amvion professionals.

—  SAMPAT redefines IT asset management, offering unparalleled experience in streamlining, optimizing, and excelling in the management of hardware, software, and cloud resources.



Effortless Asset Tracking

—  Experience effortless asset tracking like never before.

—  SAMPAT provides instant visibility into the location, status, and usage of assets.

—  The intelligent asset classification system categorizes assets based on type, ownership, and criticality, ensuring meticulous organization.

Reliability through predictive maintenance

— Say goodbye to unexpected disruptions with SAMPAT's predictive maintenance feature. Stay ahead of potential failures with advanced alerts, ensuring optimal performance and unwavering reliability for business operations.



Robust Risk and Security Assessment

—  SAMPAT prioritizes data security. Benefit from automated patch updates and real-time non-compliant asset notifications.

—  The robust risk and security assessment feature guarantees the safety of assets, providing unparalleled peace of mind.

Optimize vendor performance

— Optimize vendor performance effortlessly with SAMPAT.

— Analyze service records and benchmarks to gain valuable insights, enabling refinements in operations and the delivery of exceptional service to clients.



Software License Management Excellence

Witness excellence in software license management with SAMPAT. Ensure compliance and reclaim unused licenses effortlessly, not only enhancing security but also reducing costs significantly.


In-Depth Cost Analysis and Future Forecasting

Delve deep into asset costs with SAMPAT's comprehensive analysis and forecasting feature. Access depreciated asset values and gain insightful analysis for precise budget forecasting based on historical trends, empowering informed decision-making.


Seamless Integration and Intelligent Automation

Experience seamless integration with service desks and cloud platforms, enhancing operational efficiency. SAMPAT's intelligent automation features reallocate underutilized assets and provide retirement recommendations, ensuring optimal resource utilization.


Cloud Asset Management Excellence and Scalability

Manage IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS effortlessly with SAMPAT's cloud asset management feature. Scale IT resources seamlessly, keeping pace with business growth and ensuring staying ahead of the competition.


Mobile Accessibility and Advanced Insights

Stay connected and informed wherever you go with SAMPAT's intuitive mobile app. Quickly scan physical assets with QR codes, gaining valuable insights into asset life-cycles, usage patterns, and unusual behaviors through our advanced usage insights feature.


Intuitive User Interface

SAMPAT offers an intuitive user interface tailored for both IT and non-IT personnel. Customize the dashboard to match unique business needs, ensuring a delightful user experience for everyone involved.

Experience unparalleled efficiency, optimization, and excellence in IT asset management.!!!!!

Elevate the business to new heights with “SAMPAT” by the side.

Streamline, optimize, and excel—that's SAMPAT's promise!
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