Something too good to be true is probably a scam (Cyber Crime).

In terms of cybercrime, phishing remains one of the most effective methods. Essentially, phishing is when a bad actor poses as a trustworthy individual so that they can trick their victims into providing sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and financial information. While phishing attacks doubled in 2020, they continued to grow throughout 2021, with remote work posing a challenge for businesses to ensure their users stay safe. Currently, hackers are using increasingly sophisticated methods to trick employees into downloading malicious attachments or compromising sensitive data. These attacks are one of the most common and dangerous types of online crimes today, as they are able to target hundreds or thousands of people at once.



For example, Email Account Upgrade Scam. This scam can appear to be coming from a trusted email provider such as Microsoft or Google, or even your company’s IT department, threatening your account’s expiration unless action is taken immediately. From this email, it doesn’t appear to contain anything harmful. It doesn’t contain any obvious grammatical errors or elaborate requests, and the link itself would appear to direct the visitor to a safe “https” web page.



Such Non-intrusive monitoring and protection from Reputation, Financial & IP loss, is provided by Amvion Labs.



• Exhaustive scan of global phishing and spamming databases to cross-check potential compromises of customer’s domain/s



• Inspect if I-frames, malware, or Java Drive-bys could be downloaded to infect the machines of end users of websites or e-commerce portals through sandbox application



• Automated daily scan and report generation &Phishing complaints reporting system



• Anti-Viruses check for web portal infections by crawling through all known paths



• DNS Hijack Detection via cross checking with 450 odd DNS servers from across the world



• Monitoring of logo misuse by using 24×7 phishing feeds; image processing engine that incorporates machine learning; exploitation of certificate transparency logs (CTL) for comparison and monitoring.



Amvion Labs’ trains customers’ on how to spot phishing attacks as well as how to report phishing attacks as soon as they believe they have been targeted.



Amvion Labs’ continually prepares for Disaster & enables the Recovery Faster.

Achieving Application Stability with DevOps

When App development was first emerging, IT administrators and database administrators were entrusted with setting up the architecture and assets needed for day-to-day operations. These groups were frequently at odds with one another and often worked toward opposing goals, posing difficulties in efficient and effective App development. As the Agile software development methodology gained traction in the late 2000s, there was a push to end this separation. Combining development (Dev) and operations (Ops), DevOps is a culture of fostering continuous value delivery to customers through the orchestration of people, processes, and technology.



DevOps has an impact on the application lifecycle during the Plan, Develop, Deliver, and Operate phases. Each phase is dependent on the others, and each role plays a part in every phase to an impacting extent. Amvion Labs’ Managed DevOps Services’, ensures efficient and effective management of their customers’ code releases and infrastructure.



A holistic & controlled management enables the development team to deliver high-quality software solutions more quickly through integration and continuous delivery. DevOps Managed Services would manage, monitor, and maintain application infrastructure to ensure optimal performance for new developments and releases.



DevOps practices are essential to scalable growth and to ensuring a stable application environment. We, in Amvion, strongly advise you to implement DevOps in your organization if you aren’t already. You’ll quickly see the advantages of faster deployments, higher product quality, continuous software delivery, and a more stable work environment.