4 Use Cases of Big Data Analytics in Manufacturing

Big data analytics holds an important role in the manufacturing industry as it provides actionable insights and improves the decision making of the organization. The big data projects in manufacturing start with viable use cases. For any manufacturing firm, it is important to find new ways to streamline their operations.


Today, manufacturing industries are going through a lot of automation to make sure they work in tandem. Analysing the big data use cases in the manufacturing industry can reduce the flaws in processing, increase efficiency, improve production and save money & time.


The big data use cases can provide deep insights into analytics and provide parameters for different types of data that can determine how to model the data.


Here are 4 simple use cases of big data analytics in the manufacturing industry –


Customized Product Design


With big data analytics in manufacturing, manufacturers can analyse the behaviour of frequent buyers. The data helps in understanding how to deliver goods profitably. Once the manufacturer determines the market need, the can use data analytics to determine the volume of products required in the market.


Earlier, companies used to depend on human estimates to understand the requirement. Today, they can rely on the data insights for custom product design.


Assure Better Quality Product


Quality maintenance is a priority for manufacturing units. Big data analytics in manufacturing is very useful in providing crucial information about deadlocks or fluctuations in the process of product development. Using big data predictive analytics – manufacturers can significantly reduce the number of tests required for quality assurance.


Supply Chain Risk Management


Data analytics can be of significant help in several areas of supply chain management. The manufacturers and suppliers have an option to share the production data with their customers or partners to gain trust. The manufacturer can understand where the supplier is delayed and avoid any lead time.


Based on the data, the suppliers can modify their production output. Using big data analytics, the manufacturer can analyse weather statistics for earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes etc.


Warranty Analysis


The big data contains useful information about the quality and reliability of the product. Analysing the data at an early stage can benefit manufacturers in identifying the abnormalities in products. It should be noted that early detection analysis helps in determining the abnormalities from warranty data.

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A warranty analysis is one of the important ways for companies to track the performance of products in the hands of customers. Global manufacturers spend millions of dollars every year to cover the cost of warranty claims. Warranty analysis help manufacturers save a lot in the long run.


These are just a few use cases of big data analytics in manufacturing. As the manufacturing industry is transforming with the help of advanced techniques, manufacturers need to realize the need to leverage innovation in their workplace.


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