AWS Architected Framework

About the Client

One of Kerala's renowned universities aims to provide leadership in technology policy formulation and engineering planning for the state. The University's primary focus areas are research, development, and innovation.

The Challenge

Web applications for the University were hosted on co-located and on-premises infrastructures, which led to high downtime. Moreover, the University was incurring high colocation and capital expenditure costs.

As a part of the University's digital presence, Amvion Labs had been challenged to address issues related to security, scalability, and availability.

The Solution

Amvion Labs was contacted by the University to enhance the website's performance and security. AWS certified engineers from Amvion Labs evaluated the current environment in comparison to security best practises and the AWS Well-Architected Framework. In order to meet the university's requirements for high availability, security, and compliance, a whole new environment was designed and built utilising AWS services including Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon Route 53, Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS Identity and Access Management.

The migration to AWS resulted in significant cost savings. This cost could be further reduced by right-sizing the instances and leveraging Reserved Instances.

The Outcome

The University’s infrastructure was designed and implemented by Amvion Labs in accordance with AWS security best practices and specifications to meet its requirements for a cost-effective, high-availability, secure and compliant hosting environment. To successfully migrate to this new environment, the AWS team collaborated with the University's management and software development teams. Under a Managed Service Level Agreement, Amvion Labs continues to support and maintain the University's new environment.