Cloud and IT infrastructure


Amvion Labs is a rapidly growing managed cloud service provider in India delivering a comprehensive range of cloud-based IT solutions to customers. Our managed cloud services are coupled with superior technology and support to make your hosting experience worthwhile.

Optimize your cloud consumption, on-premises infrastructure, cloud infrastructure or applications to drive innovation, productivity and efficiency. We offer a simplified cloud migration approach to transform your organization. We take a customer-centric approach and applications to ensure migration takes place smoothly and systematically.

Comprehensive cloud management is vital to protect your cloud against vulnerabilities, downtimes and data loss. Amvion Labs rich cloud infrastructure enables continuous optimization in the managed cloud across the business ecosystem.

We have developed a distinctive approach to deliver cloud management through a skilled workforce. Our approach delivers integrated functionality of monitoring, issue resolution, log analytics and so on. We enable the integration of cloud with the IT landscape and provide a single dashboard to view the health of IT resources in a multi-cloud environment.

What We Offer?

AWS Consulting

Our AWS experts help you with fully customized and economical solution architecture after assessing your existing architecture.

AWS Implementation

With extensive experience in developing, migrating and implementing apps on a cloud platform – our experts create custom apps to scale your business.

AWS Integrations

Our team can successfully integrate your applications into AWS, no matter which apps your business uses. From storage to computing needs, we streamline your systems and encourage flexibility in your operations.

AWS Migration

Our team can help you completely migrate your applications to AWS. A complete migration will provide a platform in which all your applications can be developed and maintained.

Serverless Computing

AWS offers serverless compute on its platform to fulfil computing tasks without complexity. We build applications, microservices and functions – and dynamically scale them at runtime without infrastructure setup using AWS Lambda.

AWS Managed Services

Our team of experts manage your AWS based infrastructure, applications and associated databases to help you leverage the benefits by on-demand cloud services and maximize the ROI.

Why Choose Amvion?

AWS Select Partner

As AWS Select Partner, we provide trusted AWS cloud-based solutions to enterprises and help them leverage the power of the cloud.

Certified AWS Professionals

Our AWS Certified consultants assist you in building AWS migration services to optimize your applications. We formulate seamless migration at every stage of computing, application development and storage to the AWS cloud environment.


At Amvion, you need to pay only for the resources used by you without the need for long-term contracts and commitments. You will get weekly reports on utilization. You can setup monthly utilization limit and receive alerts on spike in utilization.

Infrastructure management

We are committed to enhance user experience and optimize your work productivity. We analyse infrastructure utilization regularly and send weekly as well as monthly usage reports with recommendations for infrastructure optimization.

Infrastructure security

We enable a smart & secure infrastructure with scheduled monitoring, inbound & outbound traffic monitoring, log monitoring, and regulated user access. We conduct monthly security audits.

Technical support

Our certified cloud architects are available 8 X 5. You can avail 24 / 7 premium support with additional charges. We also give you access to support from technical experts from AWS. For better business experience, we offer consulting on value-added services.