Continuous Security

Continuous Security Compliance

Setup, enforce and monitor security posture and compliance controls in real time. Identify and remediate issues proactively.

Current Challenges

How do I setup standard security postures for business applications across the organization?

Allops provides a security catalog and enables creation of standard reusable security profiles for different application types across the organization.

How do I configure, enforce and monitor compliance controls across my cloud infrastructure?

Allops provides an easy UI based mechanism to configure and apply Continuous Security & Continuous Compliance controls. Also Allops performs monitoring of the compliance controls so there is no drift.

How do I seamlessly apply and monitor my security policies?

Allops enables simple tagging of security postures to various business applications and also monitors them so they are active round the clock.

Can my security and compliance controls be interoperable and not disruptive to the normal course and operations of my business and technology teams?

Allops can enable security and compliance at infra, network, os, app and data level without need to modify the current or planned deployment models and frameworks.

Can I be proactive and not reactive with alerting and remediation of issues?

Allops continuously monitors the cloud infrastructure for drift in security and compliance controls that are setup and also alerts and/or remediates as required.

Can I apply standard base templates for industry regulations?

Allops provides out of the box base templates for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, NIST and other industry standards. This helps organizations to be up and running quickly.

Can I be flexible with my vendor and tool selection for various security components?

Allops is vendor neutral and supports most security vendors like Trendmicro, Dome9, Qualys, Cyberark and cloud native security services.

Continuous Security & Compliance Setup Steps

Continuous Security

Cost Savings

Efficiency gains in enforcing and monitoring controls



Apply changes and react to drift or issues swiftly



Track metrics and KPIs in realtime



80% reduction in manual errors