Free DevSecOps Assessment

Summary of the Amvion’s DevSecOps Assessment Process

The Allops Assessment helps find answers to these key questions

and these detailed ones…

Allops applies an Industry Standard Maturity Model and a Robust Process for Continuous Measurement, Transformation and Improvement

Allops validates 600+ Best Practices and Controls on ALM, Agile, Cloud, DevSecOps, K8s, Security and Compliance

Sample Current State Value Stream

Insights generated across these six value domains with 350+ KPIs and KRIs

Most organizations today gather insights only on one or two of these functions, while Kaiburr provides KPIs, Insights, Best Practices and Policy Validations across all of them

Sample Benchmark Dashboard

Sample Business Outcome KPIs

Sample Sprint Performance KPIs

Sample Release Velocity and Developer Productivity KPIs

Sample Portfolio Performance KPIs