Life At Amvion

At Amvion Labs, we are not just another company; we are a living testament to a different kind of corporate culture, where the extraordinary becomes the ordinary.


At our core, we place humanity above all else. We hold dear the belief that "Everyone is potentially Divine," and this reverence extends to our respect for both nature and our fellow human beings.


We have a relentless drive to identify and celebrate the unique talents within each individual. We observe and recognize every person for their intrinsic merit, tailoring our approach to their passions, interests, and abilities.


It's about cultivating, ever-lasting relationships, a life of priciples and observing a culture of giving and understanding.

We thrive on challenging the intellect of our team members, but only after a comprehensive assessment of their skills. We foster an environment where growth and development are encouraged at every turn.


We acknowledge that people don't quit organizations; they quit managers. Hence, we instill a culture of respect for everyone, whether they are a customer, a staff member, a vendor, or an associate.


We are committed to offering not just jobs but financially secure lives to our team members. We understand that financial stability is a cornerstone of a fulfilling life.

Amvion's History

As we reflect on our journey, Amvion Labs Pvt Ltd. remains committed to pushing the boundaries of technology, nurturing talent, and forging new frontiers of innovation. Our history is a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence, and we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in our remarkable story.

April 2017
Pioneering Excellence In April 2017, Amvion Labs achieved a milestone of immense significance - securing its inaugural enterprise order valued at a substantial Rs. 2 Crores. This landmark project entailed the upgrading, management, and maintenance of entire campus infrastructures across six diverse locations.
Q3 2017
Securing Trust During the third quarter of 2017, Amvion Labs undertook a Security Audit order, marking the company's commitment to safeguarding digital environments. Further, our dedicated staff's exceptional prowess resulted in two victorious Bug Bounty wins, reinforcing our dedication to cybersecurity.
March 2018
Ascending to the Clouds In March 2018, Amvion Labs embraced the future by becoming an esteemed Amazon Web Services Cloud Services Partner. This pivotal partnership saw the onboarding of eleven forward-thinking companies, solidifying our presence as a leader in cloud technology.
June 2019
Government Trusts Our Expertise The year 2019 brought another major milestone, as Amvion Labs secured a substantial order from a government organization. This comprehensive three-year contract entrusted us with the complete network maintenance, further validating our reputation for reliability and excellence.
April 2020
A Century of Talent In April 2020, Amvion Labs celebrated a momentous achievement - welcoming its 100th employee into the family. A staggering 88% of our workforce boasts technical expertise, reflecting our dedication to assembling a highly skilled team.
January 2021
Data Analytics Pioneers January 2021 marked a pioneering moment as we received our first Data Analytics order. This project aimed to monitor and combat highway toll pilferage through advanced analysis, reaffirming our commitment to innovation.
March 2021
Global Recognition Amvion Labs continued its global expansion in March 2021 with its first DevOps Consulting order from a prominent US company. This milestone signaled our growing international recognition for excellence.
December 2021
Launching IT Asset Management In December 2021, we unveiled our IT Asset Management Product, a testament to our commitment to innovation and providing valuable solutions to our clients.
November 2022
Elevated Partnership In November 2022, Amvion Labs achieved a significant milestone by becoming an Advanced Consulting Partner to AWS, further solidifying our position as a leader in cloud technology and consulting.
April 2023
Trailblazing in Banking In April 2023, Amvion Labs marked another milestone with its first order on Application Performance Management from a nationalized bank, showcasing our continued innovation and expertise in serving critical industries.

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Quintessence Business Solutions & Services

Amvion Labs has been a great help to our cybersecurity needs. They keep a close eye on our systems and respond quickly to any issues, making us feel safe. Their team is both smart and dedicated to keeping us secure online. They work hard to stay ahead of cyber threats, and Amvion should be considered one of the key cybersecurity companies in Chennai.

Ragavan. J
IT Head – QBSS.

G Balu Associates LLP

Amvion Labs has transformed our organization with its comprehensive range of services, including Network Security, cloud-based security solutions, AWS storage, IT infrastructure management, etc. Their expertise and commitment have significantly improved our security, efficiency, and productivity. We highly recommend Amvion Labs as an invaluable partner in achieving our business goals.

Raja Gopalan B
Director - G Balu Associates.