Are you facing security and compliance issues?

Worried about frequent downtimes and application failures?

Guaranteed Performance and Agility with Managed Cloud Services

Amvion Labs is a rapidly growing managed cloud service provider in India delivering a comprehensive range of cloud-based IT solutions to customers. Our managed cloud services are coupled with superior technology and support to make your hosting experience worthwhile.

Optimize your cloud consumption, on-premises infrastructure, cloud infrastructure or applications to drive innovation, productivity and efficiency. We offer a simplified cloud migration approach to transform your organization. We take a customer-centric approach and applications to ensure migration takes place smoothly and systematically.

Comprehensive cloud management is vital to protect your cloud against vulnerabilities, downtimes and data loss. Amvion Labs rich cloud infrastructure enables continuous optimization in the managed cloud across the business ecosystem.

We have developed a distinctive approach to deliver cloud management through a skilled workforce. Our approach delivers integrated functionality of monitoring, issue resolution, log analytics and so on.

We enable the integration of cloud with the IT landscape and provide a single dashboard to view the health of IT resources in a multi-cloud environment.

Cloud Migration and Transformation

As a part of our cloud migration, we ensure a smooth transition of business applications and data to leading platforms like – AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. We can deliver migrations, modernizations and transformation from a complex cloud environment that accelerate time to value and enhance overall ROI.

Our skilled cloud migration and transformation experts leverage best-in-class tools to analyse your application portfolio and identify the best practice to harness the power of emerging technologies. We are select partners of AWS and partners of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


  • Cloud-based migration and storage
  • Setup Cloud-based exchange platform
  • Generate reports based on metrics
  • Regular health checks
  • Monitor application performance

Cloud Operations and Management

Amvion cloud operation and management services help identify opportunities to optimize your infrastructure. Our professionals ensure that the allocation and deallocation are streamlined and complying to the organization’s guidelines. We provide sophisticated application services monitoring along with unified cloud metrics and application log monitoring.


  • 24/7 administration
  • Storage and backup management
  • Application management in the cloud
  • User security administration
  • Performance monitoring and tuning
  • Enhanced tooling

Our cloud management services make business functions perform faster by reducing the costs by 35%. We ensure a unified management service of the multi-cloud environment with AlOps cloud orchestration and management platform.

Cloud Security Management

With our managed cloud security and compliance services, we enable security and compliance at infra, network, operating system, application, and data-level without need to modify the current or planned deployment models and frameworks.

Our team continuously monitor the cloud infrastructure for drift in security and compliance controls and also alerts and/or remediates as required. We ensure proactive security at every stage like – security testing, security policies, security control, and security management.


  • Our analysts and engineers monitor your cloud security 24/7
  • Our Best-in-class detection tools deliver the best security outcomes
  • We provide actionable mitigation guidance
  • Our experts ensure secured transition
  • Firewall configuration monitoring
  • Log monitoring and vulnerability scanning

Amvion Labs also offers automated cloud services using Kaiburr AllOps to ensure that the cloud usage is optimized across the organization - eventually reducing the expenses by 35%.

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