Healthcare environment is complex and dynamic thus an analytics platform is required to aid the CXO’s to keep pace with it. An ideal analytics platform will help in taking informed decisions by providing real-time actionable information at finger tips.


At Amvion Labs we deliver Data driven Insights

  • With custom designed platforms
  • Descriptive to advanced analytics
  • Advanced interactive visualization
  • Integrated with AI/ML for deep dive
What We Deliver
  • KPI insights represented by:
    • Facility
    • Specialty
    • Department
  • A predictive decision-support system
  • Visibility from operational to custom scenario perspectives
  • Insights to improve efficiency and performance

Basic Deliverables

The insights starts with Descriptive Reporting and these are few general uses cases that we address:


  • Revenue Analysis
  • Gross Margin
  • Operating Costs
  • Fixed Costs / Capex
  • Account Receivables
  • Days in Accounts Receivable
  • P & L Mix
  • Claims Denial Rate
  • Average Treatment Charges
  • Permanent Employee Wages
  • Pharmacy Revenue

Patient Care

  • Number of hospital days
  • Types of procedures
  • Readmission and follow up visits
  • Out-patient Vs Emergency
  • Department and patient mapping
  • Lab referrals
  • New Vs returning patient


  • Patients wait time
  • Average number of patient rooms in use at one time
  • Staff-to- Patient Ratio
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Patient follow-up

Advanced Deliverables

Deeper insights by leveraging Advanced Machine Learning algorithms.

Re-Admission Analysis

Find if any patient is getting re-admitted or coming back to hospital within 30 days of discharge, identify the reason for it and find ways to avoid it.

Claims Denial Impact And Mitigation

Identify the main reasons for claims denial by insurance companies, resolve issues and increase the cash inflow.

Value Driven Healthcare

Identify which all patients can be contacted for follow-ups after surgery, routine checkups etc. thus increase the revenue. Find a treatment pathway that any patient should undergo to keep them healthy and enable physicians to detect any major disease before it happens. Physician can define proactive treatment pathways for upkeep of patient’s health.

Physician Performance Analysis

Rank the physicians based on multiple criteria models. Gives insight into most productive/efficient physicians and also determine the profitability based on multiple factors.

Referral Tracking

Identify the number of patients who only visited a department and did not go to any other department, number of patients who initially visited a department and then went to another department. This helps in: Identifying departments which are most referred to in the facility

  • Identify patient behavior and monitor the referrals within the facility.
  • Create pathways
  • Understand the departments efficiencies
  • Determine the reason for decrease in the number of referrals within the same facility

Real-Time Alerts

Provide enhanced care to a patient by monitoring the vital statistics in real-time using wearable devices. Physicians gets alerted virtually in real time to provide medical assistance as and when required.

Treatment Pathway

Provide the best treatment by incorporating big data and data sciences to integrate and analyze internal and external data sources.

What if Analytics

Simulate possible decisions to identify its impact and evaluate risk to reach the optimal next step. For e.g., what happens if 1 more physician / specialist is added and how will it impact the revenue and expenses.

Simplified Staffing

Use predictive analysis to determine how many patients will be there at a given point of time and decide on the optimum staff required to provide quality care and reduced waiting time for patients.

Our Value Proposition

Single Software for Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive & Prescriptive analytics
Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership, No Hidden costs)
AI / ML Algorithms
Whole Body Analytics