Srinivasan Baskaran

Srinivasan Baskaran , is a veteran in the IT Industry with close to 3 decades of experience, spread across multiple organizational functions. He started his career, in early 90’s, when the IT Infrastructure was beginning to open up and joined Gemini Communication Ltd., in 1995. From the time when networking computers was a nascent subject and now, when connected technology touches every aspect of industrial & personal lives, Srinivasan is adept in the understanding the dynamics of technology functions.

Srini, as he is addressed, has handled solutioning & customisations and is an acknowledged expert in areas of IT Networking, IT Security, Enterprise IT Infrastructure solutions, Data Centre & Cloud transformations, Mobility solutions, IT Automation and Auto-ID technologies. Srini has been offering solutions on Industrial Internet of Things (IOT) requirements. Srini also has managed a large set of people while commissioning projects for various government departments’, spread across the country. He commissioned in Gemini Communication Ltd., the TNEB project of 4200 nodes, spread across Tamil Nadu & headed the WIMAX implementation project for BSNL.

He was the Tech Lead for development of technology and deployment of countrywide MMDS & WiMAX networks for telecom service providers like BSNL, VSNL, etc. As a technologist he has been gravitating more towards technical solutions throughout his career with grass root level approaches. When Srini co-founded Amvion Labs Pvt Ltd., in 2016, such technology & project management exposures has helped Srini to understand Financial Operations and now successfully handles the complete business operations of this fast growing company.