Top 5 Cyber Attack Threats in 2022

Business is more efficient and connected nowadays, thanks to the internet. The Internet also poses numerous threats, such as cyber-attacks and cyber hacking. Unprecedented events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have resulted in an increase in the number and severity of cybercrimes in just a few years. These cyberattacks target everyone. Apart from the risk to your brand, cyber-attacks are expensive to your productivity and a huge drain on your bottom line. Fortunately, Amvion Labs' Managed Security Services can help protect your company from cyber threats. Here are some


1. Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks have grown much more sophisticated in recent years, with attackers becoming more convincing in pretending to be legitimate business contacts. There has also been a rise in Business Email Compromise, which involves bad actors using phishing campaigns to steal business email account passwords from high-level executives, and then using these accounts to fraudulently request payments from employees.


2. Malware Attacks

These attacks are particularly damaging for small businesses because they can cripple devices, which require expensive repairs or replacements to fix. They can also give attackers a back door to access data, which can put customers and employees at risk. Small businesses are more likely to employ people who use their own devices for work, as it helps to save time and cost. This, however, increases their likelihood of suffering from a malware attack, as personal devices are much more likely to be at risk from malicious downloads.


3. Ransomware:

Ransomware is one of the most common cyber-attacks, hitting thousands of businesses every year. These attacks have only become more common,, as they are one of the most lucrative forms of attacks. Ransomware involves encrypting company data so that it cannot be used or accessed, and then forcing the company to pay a ransom to unlock the data.


4. Insider Threats

The final major threat facing small businesses is the insider threat. An insider threat is a risk to an organization that is caused by the actions of employees, former employees, business contractors or associates. These actors can access critical data about your company, and they can case harmful effects through greed or malice, or simply through ignorance and carelessness. To block insider threats, small businesses need to ensure that they have a strong culture of security awareness within their organization. This will help to stop insider threats caused by ignorance, and help employees to spot early on when an attacker has compromised, or is attempting to compromise company data.