What is Legacy App Modernization? Why should you Modernize Legacy Applications?

Do you know legacy app modernization can reduce the costs by 13% and increase overall revenue by 14%?

Legacy application is a software program that is considered either obsolete or outdated – as it is based on a technology that is older than the current technology.

Over time, the old or legacy systems start exhibiting logs, errors and critical issues that impact the business operations and ROI.

Most of the legacy applications are slow and has to be replaced with a modern version due to critical business operations.

To meet the present requirements and improve ROI, organizations can rebuild the existing applications instead of buying or building a completely new application.

What is Legacy App Modernization?

legacy app modernization

Legacy app modernization is the process of rebuilding old and outdated applications to effectively work in modern work environments.

Organizations need to get rid of the outdated systems and transform their business digitally to gain a competitive advantage.

Application modernization is an inevitable part of cloud-first digital transformation. It involves creating a project that produces business value from existing legacy software.

Enterprises can reduce the payback periods to 6 months by modernizing and deploying with AWS. Before your organization begins its modernization journey, you should evaluate if it is a viable solution for your business.

It involves reworking the code to different levels and make the application work with APIs. An effective method to modernize the legacy applications is to rebuild to have a cloud-native architecture, which requires a heavy investment of skills and time.

We at Amvion Labs help you make your organization safer and faster with legacy app modernization. Our Legacy Modernization Specialists help reduce unnecessary operating costs – reducing capital spending. We make the legacy systems more agile through the use of specialized skills and industrialized assets.

Our strategy, time tested methodology and experience with advanced DevOps and micro-services help you speed up the application portfolio – while reducing support costs.

Regardless of the size and shape of your business, you must give your legacy systems a quick update.

Benefits of Legacy App Modernization

Well, modernizing legacy applications is an important factor in digital transformation. Although the exact benefits differ from organization to organization, the general benefits are the same across all the cases. Some of the key benefits of app modernization are –

1. Reduce costs

Modernizing the apps means moving the data from on-premises to the cloud. The more data you have, the more you have to pay for the on-premises Data Centre every year. Companies may have to buy new storage systems as the data increases.

Additionally, maintaining legacy apps needs a lot of resources. Modernizing the legacy applications will reduce the expenditure in the long run – as this approach allows the developers to reuse the resources they are accustomed to working with legacy programming languages.

2. Improve business agility

Companies with modernized applications have more chances of getting more business - as they allow companies to serve their vendors and customers efficiently. Usually, companies that use legacy systems find it difficult to develop new products or features. With modern apps, it is easier to plan for the future and update with new features as and when required.

On the development side, modernizing the legacy apps provides better code, highly flexible apps and a well-managed database.

3. Better security

AWS and Azure feature many built-in features and offers granular control for privacy and compliance. Choosing to move to certain services into AWS is a convenient way to get free extended security updates, rather than paying for migrated virtual machines.

When it comes to modernizing the legacy applications, the Return on Investment will greatly surpass the initial investment.

4. Improve customer experience

Using legacy applications seems harmless in terms of providing customer service. However, using outdated systems can harm customer experience, as most of the customer prefers doing business with a company that follows current technology trends.

Application modernization helps improve the front-end user interface, add new features or services and do a lot more that enhances the customer experience.

It’s time to start!

Modernizing the legacy applications can present new revenue streams to companies. Organizations will have the opportunity to create new processes or services that add value to the customers. Implementing new processes or services leads to greater customer satisfaction – eventually increasing the ROI.

Application modernization is a cost-effective solution that improves flexibility and reduces IT costs. Fortunately, businesses can modernize their legacy systems without having to spend a fortune on legacy systems.

Amvion’s Application Modernization team can help define the scope of your legacy modernization project and implement a road map based on your requirements and priorities.

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