Why DevSecOps is critical for application development?

DevSecOps, the “Shift Left” movement is the practice of integrating security into the DevOps process. This approach involves creating a ‘Security as Code” culture within the organization. DevSecOps play a vital role in removing the bottleneck effects of traditional security models in CI/CD pipeline. The goal is to bridge the gap between Development and Security team – while ensuring fast and safe delivery of code.


In the digital era, securing the applications against hackers and cyberattacks can be quite challenging. DevOps involves continuous development and delivery of the application, while ignoring security.


As a Result, DevSecOps come into play! DevSecOps fixes the issue by integrating security from the initial stages of the development lifecycle.


Why DevSecOps is important?


DevSecOps streamlines two opposing goals “Secure Code” and “Speed of Delivery”. The security processes are baked into the development process, rather than being added as a “top layer’ to harness the power of a secure code. Independent security efforts become a priority, as more and more organizations depend on the cloud applications for smooth functioning and operations. The key advantages of DevSecOps include –

  1. Agility for security teams

DevSecOps is a combination of development, testing, building and deploying processes. The more automated, seamless and agile the security aspects are, higher are the benefits for the organization. The end result is to deploy secure applications into production while fixing the security issue without any compromise.

  1. Rapid response to the changes

In the world of continuous integration and rapid release cycle, DevSecOps ensure a faster response and quick delivery of critical changes. The code is fully testing from the initial stages using security tools and then rapidly deployed.

  1. Better collaboration between teams

DevSecOps increases the frequency of outcomes through enhanced practices – promoting a more cohesive collaboration between the development and security team – as they work towards CI/CD. It allows the security and development team to work under a single environment, and resolve issues at an early stage.

  1. Early detection of vulnerabilities

CI/CD ecosystem needs a fully integrated security testing and this is where DevSecOps come into play. It detects the vulnerabilities in the code at early stages and helps in speeding up the development process. Early detection of vulnerabilities in the code can save valuable time, resources and computing costs.


Bottom Line

As technology-driven businesses are evolving at a rapid pace, there is a great need for continuous threat modelling and management. So DevSecOps is crucial in modern application development where the applications are updated multiple times per day.


The modern applications need robust security practices from day one. In short, this cultural and technical shift helps organizations to address security threats in real-time.


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